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Beyonce drops lawsuit against Texas-based apparel brand

By Robyn Turk

Jan 18, 2019

Beyonce ended a legal battle against a Texas-based apparel brand. The singer had been in a two-year lawsuit a brand that printed wording inspired by her song on clothing and lifestyle items. The lawsuit has since been dropped, at the singer's request.

Called Feyoncé, the brand earned popularity online when it launched its line of apparel and accessories including t-shirts, tote bags and mugs. It sold its items on Etsy, and marketed towards young engaged women with a jovial influence from Beyonce's hit "Single Ladies." Items in the line featured printed wording that took inspiration from the song's lyrics, such as "He put a ring on it."

Though the name of the brand and its product offerings were a comical take on Beyonce's name and her song, the singer filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Feyonce, and asked the brand to stop manufacturing their products.

However, the case was dropped on Wednesday, at Beyonce's request. A judge had ruled in Feyonce's favor in September, as it saw the brand's name as a play on words, and therefore not intending to trick consumers into thinking it was associated with the singer.